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Sunday, August 16, 2009

First Week of August

The first week of August the kid's and I drove to Utah. We picked up Malorey and Alisa Kooyman from the SLC airport and took the four girls to EFY on BYU's campus. Kayla and Malorey were in Chipman hall and Rachel and Alisa stayed in Taylor hall in Helaman Hall's on campus. They had a good time. This was Rachel and Alisa's first EFY and Rachel felt the girls acted really catty because boy's were involved. The girls all went to two years of Retreat for Girls at Utah State in Logan. It is basically an EFY style program for girls 12 on up! I recommend the program highly. Anyway Rach got used to the girls attitudes and ended up having a great time. After we dropped the girls off the kids and I went to the Creamery at BYU. YUM!!! Then we drove by the Provo temple. My kids have never been in Provo off the I-15 corridor. Mia used her camera to start collecting temple pictures. On this trip she took photos of the Provo, Ogden, and Bountiful temples. Jake, Mia, Sofia and I had a fun week playing around. We hiked up Ensign Peak and Sofia hiked the whole way herself. Hopefully I will add photo's later. We also spent two days at the Lagoon amusement park. Thanks to Grandma Nancy for providing the tickets. We had fun! Mia rode most of the big roller coasters. She liked Wicked the best! Jake offered to watch the girls so I could ride Wicked. I was scared but I noticed there was a lot of old people like me in line. So I rode alone and...It Rocks! I loved the ride! We had a great trip. I feel bad we didn't stop to see the Parke's but hopefully they will forgive us.

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